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Where to eat 2011

Adam Platt’s gastronomical map of the city as it enters the New Year, with highlights including the rebirth of the tasting menu, a return to down-home Italian, and the best in predinner tipples and postmeal indulgences.

Cover Story
The Greatest New York Ever

New Yorkers have spoken highly of themselves and their city during almost all of its incarnations. But over a nearly 400-year history, who and what stands out as truly the greatest? We gathered a host of opinionators to hash it out. Five writers each make a case for a single year as the city’s superlative; five panels of experts then choose the greatest musical, mayor, TV show, athlete, and building in NYC history.

Cover Story
The West Wing, Season II

In a few short months, Barack Obama overhauled his presidency. To correct his course, he had to look hard at himself and confront the possibility that the source of many of his difficulties was the man in the gilded mirror. By John Heilemann

Cover Story
Drowning in Porn

As a web-porn tsunami continues to wash over us, what’s the damage? Yet another media industry nearly destroyed by the Internet; a youth culture more sexualized and chaste at the same time; and adult bedrooms full of three-ways, with two real people subjected to the tyranny of a busty projection.
· An After-School Conversation With Girls About Sex and the Internet
· Porn and the Vanishing Male Libido

Cover Story
"Just Smile"

Schools chancellor Cathie Black wasn’t hired to be a visionary, she was hired to be a saleswoman for Bloomberg-style reform. And while her customers (all the people bruised by said reform) are quite hostile, for the moment she’s her own biggest problem. By Chris Smith

Cover Story
The Spring Fashion Issue

Who is fashion for? Not so long ago, real fashion existed only for the very few—wealthy people with access to the best showrooms and shops. Opinions were for designers to have and others to ape. In this issue, we take a look at who fashion is for now. Ask Jessica Simpson, and she’ll tell you it’s for anyone with a hundred dollars or so to spend. Ask Alexander Wang, and he’ll give you a very specific idea of the Wang girl. Yet the fashion world can still be cloistered, an up-for-anything place.

Cover Story
The Madoff Tapes

In hours of confessional interviews, Bernard Madoff talks about his crimes, their tragic fallout in his own family, the complicity of his victims, and the sense of relief that he finds in a 150-year prison sentence. By Steve Fishman

Cover Story
Best of New York 2011

Here’s the challenge in assembling our annual “Best of New York” issue: You have to eat a lot, shop a lot, dance a lot; you have to find clever ways to pry secrets out of strangers, and to shake down your friends, lovers, mothers, colleagues, and assorted gossip ­hounds and bargain mavens for fresh intel. Then, just when you’ve picked a winner, the city has a pesky habit of turning out a better restaurant, shop, bar, salon, diaper service, and jewelry repairer. We’re telling you, our burden is positively Sisyphean!

Cover Story
Not Quite Copenhagen

The battle over bike lanes isn’t about bikes vs. cars, or borough vs. borough—it’s about competing ideas of what, and who, a city is for. Is New York too New York for bike lanes? By Matthew Shaer

Cover Story
The Gamer

Governor Andrew Cuomo has been conducting a stealth campaign, charming and threatening and co-opting potential adversaries in an effort to succeed where his predecessors have failed. Can he really break Albany’s back? Or will his own cleverness get the best of him? By Chris Smith

Cover Story
The New York Apartment: A Biography

Sardine Life: Justin Davidson asks: When did we start living on top of each other, and why did we think it was a good idea? Tales of the Stacked City: Luc Sante, Gay Talese, Anne Roiphe, and others reminisce about the tenements and tugboats that have sheltered them. Attention Seekers: The gaudiest, grandest, and smallest dens in city history. And much, much more.

Cover Story
The Post-Crash: Wall Street Won

The ecstatic, neurotic, and perhaps deluded psychology of the post-crash financier.
By John Heilemann, Felix Salmon, and John Gapper
Plus: Lynn Tilton’s mission to save the industrial soul of America, why Peter Orszag went to the private sector, and more.

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