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Where to Eat 2009

In his annual selection of the city’s finest restaurants—from big-plate Italian to cut-rate Asian to “recession gourmet”—our critic realizes that chefs may have been the first to know we’d be needing comfort food.

: Lists of the best cocktails, best cheap meals, most unjustly unheralded chefs, and least-necessary trends in town.

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The All New Issue

Of the many weird things happening right now, not all are bad: Capitalism’s flaws are getting an honest look from reformers of all ideologies; the most macho automakers are begging for the chance to go green; for God’s sake, we elected a black president! When everything breaks down, you get to decide how to build it back up again—and make it better.

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The Zany Adventures of (Senator) Caroline Kennedy

The political heiress’s bid to become Hillary Clinton’s successor may have been the strangest candidacy in the history of New York. And the farce had, as characters, nearly every important player in the state, from David Paterson to Michael Bloomberg to the Cuomos to the Clintons to, in the end, the very lucky Kirsten Gillibrand. By Chris Smith

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"My Aircraft"

By landing his Airbus A-320 in the Hudson River without a single loss of life, Captain Chesley Sullenberger might have officially brought the golden age of the heroic pilot to a close. By Robert Kolker

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Timing Is Everything

Demetri Martin doesn’t do political humor. But he may be the Barack Obama of comedy—a cerebral stand-up whose moment (in the form of Important Things With Demetri Martin, on Comedy Central) has arrived just in time. By Adam Sternbergh

Cover Story
Kate: 'I Am a Woman Now'

Every fashion move she's ever made is instantly copied (and just about every boyfriend she’s ever had chronicled in the tabloids). But as her alliance with the soon-to-arrive Topshop proves, she is in full control of her brand. By Amy Larocca

Cover Story
The Monster Mensch

Bernie Madoff began as the classic Wall Street outsider. It was the struggle to make it inside that formed him—and eventually led to his undoing. By Steve Fishman.
Plus:Mom and Dad and Ruth and Bernie,” a Madoff memoir. By John Maccabee

Cover Story
Best of New York 2009

Our annual guide to the city’s worthiest achievements in food, stuff, free-time diversions, home fixes, kid things, and ways to look and feel better. If you’ve ever tried to find boxer-briefs for less than $5, sought the gooiest dessert in the city, or wanted the authoritative answer to where to get your needs and desires met, solutions await inside.

Cover Story
The Power of Michelle Obama

Where will our suddenly iconic First Lady come to fit in the pantheon of powerful women? Joseph O’Neill, Edwidge Danticat, Jennifer Senior, Caitlin Flanagan, Thomas Mallon, and others on the meaning of a new American symbol.

Cover Story
Inside Obama's Economic Brain Trust

Two months ago, Larry Summers and Tim Geithner were called the dream team. Now, as they veer from crisis to crisis, it’s clear that, while the economic problems are impossible, the politics are even harder. By John Heilemann

Cover Story
Spring Travel 2009

Take 111 New Yorkers during a bleak, recession-plagued winter, ask them where they’d rather be right now, and stand back: inside, some of their fantasies, from gathering pearls in Tahiti to hard-core tanning in Thailand.

Cover Story
Do You Own Facebook? Or Does Facebook Own You?

The social-networking giant is trying to build trust and good feelings among users—while at the same time turning them into commodities. Can a community be built on this paradox? By Vanessa Grigoriadis

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