1968-1979 Back Issues
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September 3, 1973

How To Save Your Life: The Behavior-Control Diet Technique

March 18, 1974

Still Rose Mary's Baby

May 24, 1976

Why Sleeping Pills are Keeping You Awake

August 27, 1979

The Dressed Up Look for Fall

March 5, 1979

The Best of New York¿s Spring Fashion

October 25, 1976

He Works, She Works, But How Does the House Work? The New American Marriage

May 7, 1979

When was the Last Time you Called Your Mother?

February 19, 1979

How To Beat Insomnia

June 25, 1979

The Meaning of Gay

October 22, 1979

Replacing the Irreplaceable

September 24, 1979

The Tycoon Vanishes: How Michele Sindona Lost His Fortune in New York

November 5, 1979

Friends, Lovers, Artists

March 19, 1979

See How They Run

April 9, 1979

The Man Who Runs the Subway

May 18, 1970

The Men of Women's Liberation Have Learned Not to Laugh

May 28, 1979

James Schilesinger: The Man Behind the Energy Nightmare

June 18, 1979

The Brightest Kids

July 2, 1979

Portrait of a Loan Shark

July 9-16, 1979

Summer in the City

December 3, 1979

Portrait of an Aging Hustler

December 24, 1979

Speed Lives!

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