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Cover Story
Where to Eat 2012

Adam Platt returns to the endlessly subjective task of ranking the city’s best restaurants, while chronicling the years of dining upheaval since his last list as old favorites soared, sank, shuttered, and remade the scene.

Cover Story
The Classifieds: A Workplace Confidential

What really goes on behind the closed doors of workplaces? Here’s a collection of trade secrets from: a teacher on the layers of cheating in the city’s schools; a Met on how the Wilpons failed the team; a Per Se waiter on the best and worst kinds of diners; a Times reporter on the new regime; a campaign operative on keeping politicians in line; a Hollywood agent on lying to land a client; and many more.

Cover Story
The Coming Tsunami of Slime

As toxic as this year’s Republican primary has been, it’ll look downright tame once the general election gets going. Inside the Democratic and Republican smear machines as they gear up for the most vicious campaign in history. By Joe Hagan
Plus: BBDO’s top creatives script TV takedowns; the twelve maxims of advertising Armageddon.

Cover Story
The Celebrity Economy

The most successful stars in the world aren’t necessarily the best or even the most famous. They’re the ones who’ve maximized their profit potential, monetizing their celebrity into a string of paid club appearances, presold baby photos, and endless freebies. A cost-benefit analysis of the new celebrity economy. By Mark Harris

Cover Story
The End of Wall Street As They Knew It

Bonuses and profits are way down. Lucrative trading desks have been shuttered. CEOs are calling for higher taxes. And Dodd-Frank is ... working? High finance’s titans are now facing a deeply frightening future: a universe they do not rule. By Gabriel Sherman

Cover Story
The Spring Fashion Issue

Features: Nicki Minaj, life after modeling, the Clarins girls, Christopher and Tory Burch, Cindy Sherman's self-portraits, and more.
Trends: The season’s styles distilled into twenty distinctive looks, including short shorts, tall loafers, forestwear and seawear, chewy pink, playful pleats, daredevil wedding dresses, and the retro chic of Betty Draper and Daisy Buchanan.
Portfolio: A photographic portfolio, taken at the shows in Paris, Milan, and New York.

Cover Story
The Lost Party

This was supposed to be the Republicans’ election to lose. What happened? By John Heilemann

Cover Story
Best of New York 2012

Our obsessively vetted annual guide to the very best of everything this city has to offer—where to find New York’s most outstanding food, home help, shops and boutiques, bars and entertainment, child’s play, and beauty and health meccas. Inside, you’ll discover dumplings as chewy as soft pretzels, a showcase for rookie rappers on the rise, a one-stop vintage shop, a three-story hardware store that’s open all night, braided updos, chicken-raising classes, eyebrow makeovers, a Scandinavian play space, and much, much more.

Plus: See a slideshow of our cover contenders.

Cover Story
Listening to Xanax

Xanax is to 2012 what Prozac was to the nineties: a much-used, much-craved pill that has come to define our national mood. But are we really in love with anti-anxiety drugs or with anxiety itself? By Lisa Miller

Cover Story
It’s Different for 'Girls'

Lena Dunham, 25, has turned her imperfect body, drab romances, and love of oversharing into perhaps the most radical show on television, an upcoming HBO comedy about four women trying to make it in New York that’s as raw and bruised as Sex and the City was aspirational. By Emily Nussbaum

Cover Story
The Scandalized City

A City of Ids: Colin Harrison on why the city has always been fertile ground for the sordid, baroque, and gruesome.
310 Years of Disgust and Delight: A romp through New York’s notorious: A governor goes to his wife’s funeral in drag! Grave-robber med students incite a riot! An art gallery unmasked as an S&M dungeon! With: Frank Rich on Broadway sexpot Mae West; Nora Ephron on boyfriend-killer Jean Harris; Jerry Saltz on the city’s most reviled painting.
Plus: Jim Holt and Laura Kipnis spar over the morality of titillation; Liz Smith and Steven Gaines debate the limits of public forgiveness; Wayne Barrett and Tom Robbins remember the greatest hits of municipal malfeasance.

Cover Story
What’s Eating the NYPD?

Ray Kelly’s approach to policing has made New York safer than it’s ever been. It’s also fueled bitterness among the city’s cops, who are crying foul at the statistics-obsessed, micromanaging culture. Could the biggest threat to the department right now be the cratered morale of its rank and file? By Chris Smith

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