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The Self-Help Issue

Self-help used to be confined to tucked-away bookstore aisles; now it has gobbled up all of American publishing and much of America too. Boris Kachka takes stock of the inspiration factory; Kathryn Schulz asks how we can fix the self when it remains a mystery; Bill Hader reveals seven secrets to becoming your very best Bill Hader; and we give you the key to reading 31 inspirational books in four minutes.
Plus: How SoulCycle turned an exercise class into a feel-good phenomenon. And Elizabeth Wurtzel confronts her life’s triumphant train wreck.

Cover Story
Why You Truly Never Leave High School

The conventional wisdom used to be that ages 0 to 3 were the key to future success. But new research suggests that adolescence may play an even more important role in shaping the self—and that there might be no more damaging place to spend those years than high school. By Jennifer Senior

Cover Story
Madam Would-Be Mayor

Christine Quinn is the leading candidate to take over City Hall, with the tacit support of its current tenant. How different from Bloomberg would the outspoken, bawdy, cautiously pragmatic City Council speaker be? Just listen to her laugh, for starters. By Jonathan Van Meter

Cover Story
Edward Irving Koch, 1924–2013

Remembering Ed Koch: Chris Smith on how his egomaniacal selflessness saved the city; Mario Cuomo on their long rivalry; Justin Davidson on the triumphs of his failures; Jonathan Mahler on his lumpy appeal; Maer Roshan on his elusive sex life.

The many roles—and magazine clippings—of a long public life.

Cover Story

The Spring Fashion Issue

Fashion is all about clothes, obviously, and this season, as we report, they are black and white (or red or iridescent) and mod (or fringed) and covered in lace (or ruffles or ... snake) when they’re not showing off bellybuttons. But it’s also an industry bound up in personalities, without whom it would be moribund. And so, in this issue, we decided to zero in on a select cast of “fashion people.” Like Oscar de la Renta, the designer who just welcomed one of fashion’s most notorious personalities, John Galliano, back into the working world. Or lusty French editor Olivier Zahm. Or astrologist (yes, astrologist) Susan Miller. Or fresh young face Olivia Bee, who is, refreshingly, not a model but a photographer. Or actress Elle Fanning, another fresh young face, who could think of nothing more pleasurable than teaming up with artist Will Cotton and covering herself in rich, sugary goo, delicate meringue, and Dior-inspired sprinkles in a mouthwatering collaboration.

Cover Story

From ‘‘I Do’’ to ‘‘I’m Done’’

As more and more gay couples wed, more and more gay couples are getting divorced. But dissolving a same-sex union means confronting not just age-old heartbreak but newfound legal trauma. By Jesse Green

Cover Story

Best of New York 2013

Our obsessively vetted guide to the very best of everything this city has to offer—where to find the most outstanding food; home help; shops and boutiques; bars and entertainment; child’s play; and beauty and health meccas—including beef-tongue fries, indoor surfing, hard-drive rescuers, a Bond-villain-worthy Jamaican bar, pig-placenta facials, and a math museum that’s actually fun.

Cover Story

The Retro Wife

Despite being raised to expect equality with men in every aspect of their lives, some young feminists aren’t swayed by the exhortations to lean in at work and have it all. Instead, they find themselves drawn to a more old-fashioned calling: housewife, a job they think must be done well, and can be done well only by them. By Lisa Miller

Cover Story

Long Night at Today

After Ann Curry’s tearful on-air exit, the fortunes of NBC’s Today, and its host Matt Lauer, fell—fast. Inside the corporate drama that everyone in morning television is watching as closely as their Q ratings. By Joe Hagan

Cover Story When We Were Young In a city where kids often seem far older than their years, Jennifer Senior explores the evolution of New York childhood, from the wild, free, overworked urchins of the turn of the last century to today’s hyperscheduled and carefully coddled youth; a gaggle of 5-, 9-, and 12-year-olds share their thoughts on living here now; while 39 of the city’s most notable sons and daughters—Larry David, Mark Ronson, Antonin Scalia, Whoopi Goldberg, and so many more—share memories of their formative years.

Travels in the New Psychedelic Bazaar
The synthetic drugs being invented, refined, and produced today—and often shipped in from China—would have blown Timothy Leary’s mind. Who knows what they’re doing to the brains of their users. By Vanessa Grigoriadis

The Albany Machiavelli
The first two years of his term have been an almost unqualified success for Governor Cuomo—bills have been passed, deadlocks have been broken, and poll numbers have stayed strong. He’s proved himself a genius at transactional politics, but how far can that take a politician? By Chris Smith

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