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Cover Story

Where to Eat 2014

The “anonymous” restaurant critic is a concept that’s long outlived its relevance, says Adam Platt—while exposing his identity on our cover. He’s also provided his annual list of the best places to indulge oneself, whether with high-art old-fashioned French or the not-so-humble taco. Plus: the best new chefs, and those trends that should go the way of the dodo. By Adam Platt

Cover Story

The Collateral Damage of a Teenager

Adolescence, despite zits, first heartbreak, mean girls and boys, and algebra, may not be all that taxing on adolescents themselves. It’s their parents who really suffer, experiencing a strangely mirrored kind of midlife puberty. By Jennifer Senior


The Urban Menagerie

A new, immigrant species of those notoriously unkillable critters, cockroaches, has hit the city, and it can handle the cold. By Christopher Bonanos. Meanwhile, horse-drawn carriagesare nearly extinct, but that may not do much for the horses. By Lee Siegel
Plus: Pigeon portraituresquirrel aliens, and the distant drumbeat of bears.

Cover Story

Last Night With Jimmy Fallon

Midtown golf, clandestine Korean chicken, birthday photo-bombing: three reasons the new Tonight Show host is happy staying in New York. By Jada Yuan

Cover Story

The Spring Fashion Issue

People are often shocked to learn that the average runway show lasts eleven minutes. All that preparation and then ...whoosh. But more than ever, things move fast in the style world: Our cover subject, Lupita Nyong’o, went from unknown to international icon in nine months, and Leandra Medine tumbled from college into fashion’s big leagues because of her refreshing belief that fashion and feminism need not contradict each other. Elsewhere we take a look at Abercrombie & Fitch’s precipitous fall from beefcake grace; a new, earnest attempt to save the world through luxury goods; and six months in the life of one especially beautiful Chloé dress—just one of the season’s offerings we’re highlighting. Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari also stage a surrealist portfolio, and there’s our rundown of the newest trends: disco dresses, sporty sandals, and Pop Art prints. Here today, who knows about tomorrow.

Cover Story

Good-bye, Public Life

And so long, MSNBC, and Shia LaBeouf, and New York, too. I’m through. By Alec Baldwin

Cover Story

Sterling Cooper Draper Olson

Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss is very good at what she does, but that doesn’t mean she takes it all seriously. By Willa Paskin

Cover Story

The Color of His Presidency

Under Obama, race has saturated politics like never before. Is it odd we’re so surprised by that?By Jonathan Chait


It’s a cliché to invoke Warhol in the context of fame, but even he may not have imagined such internet “stars” as TerRio or Lohanthony. By Joe Coscarelli

Cover Story

The Jim Parsons Theory
On the eve of the upfronts, a look at the television landscape. How can a show in 2014 snag 23.4 million viewers? The Big Bang theories.
Plus: Fox’s Kevin Reilly blows up pilot season; Matt Zoller Seitz heralds another explosion; and Maya Rudolph gets her dream: a variety show.


Chirlane McCray’s City

Bill de Blasio’s wife is also his partner—a City Hall marriage the likes of which New York has never seen. By Lisa Miller

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