January 14, 2013 / January 21, 2013

Cover Story
The Self-Help Issue

Self-help used to be confined to tucked-away bookstore aisles; now it has gobbled up all of American publishing and much of America too. Boris Kachka takes stock of the inspiration factory; Kathryn Schulz asks how we can fix the self when it remains a mystery; Bill Hader reveals seven secrets to becoming your very best Bill Hader; and we give you the key to reading 31 inspirational books in four minutes.
Plus: How SoulCycle turned an exercise class into a feel-good phenomenon. And Elizabeth Wurtzel confronts her life’s triumphant train wreck.

On the Cover: Bill Hader. Photograph by Phillip Toledano. Styling by Mindy Saad; Grooming by Regina Harris; Stunt-double casting by Matthew Wulf/Wulf Casting

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