February 18, 2013 / February 25, 2013

Cover Story

The Spring Fashion Issue

Fashion is all about clothes, obviously, and this season, as we report, they are black and white (or red or iridescent) and mod (or fringed) and covered in lace (or ruffles or ... snake) when they’re not showing off bellybuttons. But it’s also an industry bound up in personalities, without whom it would be moribund. And so, in this issue, we decided to zero in on a select cast of “fashion people.” Like Oscar de la Renta, the designer who just welcomed one of fashion’s most notorious personalities, John Galliano, back into the working world. Or lusty French editor Olivier Zahm. Or astrologist (yes, astrologist) Susan Miller. Or fresh young face Olivia Bee, who is, refreshingly, not a model but a photographer. Or actress Elle Fanning, another fresh young face, who could think of nothing more pleasurable than teaming up with artist Will Cotton and covering herself in rich, sugary goo, delicate meringue, and Dior-inspired sprinkles in a mouthwatering collaboration.



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