May 20, 2013

Cover Story

The Drama of Television

Michael Douglas has endured a lot the past few years, from stage-four cancer to the imprisonment of his son. Now, as Liberace (of all characters), he gets yet another career rebirth, by Lynn Hirschberg; Arrested Development was so ahead of its time that it’s a small miracle TV finally caught up, by Will Leitch; the fate of her country-music show is up in the air, but Hayden Panettiere has no intention of ever truly leaving Nashville, by Amanda Dobbins; on the verge of majorly disappointing, or thrilling, viewers with Walter White’s final act, Breaking Bad showrunner Vince Gilligan talks good endings.
Plus: How to pitch, write (hint: get rid of a corpse and throw a party in the pilot), cast, and design a drama; Matt Zoller Seitz on why TV is just as much a director’s medium as a writer’s.
And: Forty-nine small-screen actors, writers, and other insiders on their viewing habits.

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