August 19, 2013 / August 26, 2013

The Fall Fashion Issue

The artist Edward Hopper once said, “If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.” It’s a sentiment with which designer ­Hedi Slimane might agree. He spent years at Dior Homme projecting a new version of masculinity, and now that he’s designing womenswear at Saint Laurent, we asked him to explain his vision through a portfolio of female muses. It’s part of an issue devoted to the enormous number of ways that people communicate via fashion, often without saying a word: sometimes by tattooing themselves; sometimes bydressing exactly like one’s twin (and vice versa); sometimes by self-publishing a new magazine. And sometimes simply by wearing new clothes. Which this fall include leather that’s surprisingly ladylike, a bounty of pink (yes, pink) overcoats, and shoes that are (finally) wearable and flat and inspired by the men’s department—worn best, by the way, with pearls. Those seeking further individuality can always go get a tattoo. 

Lake Bell. Photograph by Mark Seliger for New York Magazine. Tattoo by Scott Campbell; styling by Rebecca Ramsey; hair by Harry Josh at; makeup by Christian McCulloch for Dolce & Gabbana Makeup; nails by Honey at Exposure NY; rings by Jennifer Fisher and Mawi.

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