December 23, 2013

Cover Story

Reasons to Love New York 2013

Because we practice croissant crossbreeding with the fervor of Dr. Moreau. Because Derek Jeter thinks there’s a future in books. Because we can salute all that Bloomberg has done and still elect De Blasio. Because the air we breathe is better than ever. Because we review jail on Yelp. Because our garbage is delicious and our rats are on birth control. Because Lou Reed never stopped going out. Because the Mets are golden. (Well, their general manager is.) Because you took to Instagram to show your devotion. Because, because, because, because: In this, the ninth edition of “Reasons to Love New York,” the newest reasons are as heartwarming—and sometimes head-scratching—as ever. And the oldest (deli cats!) as comforting as a cr’nish.

On the Cover: Package, ca. 1960. Photograph by Saul Leiter. © Saul Leiter/Courtesy of Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York. Lettering by Erik Marinovich.

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